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Triangulate utilizes the simplest of mathematical operations to create a fast paced and strategic card game.  Players are only tasked with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing small numbers, but strategy, logic and luck all play a part in determining the winner.  

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Triangulate is a great game for math classes as it makes learning and using math fun.  From a quick, pressure filled Open Play game to a strategic and tactical game of Battleground, Triangulate is a game for young and old alike.

Triangulate – Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide & Conquer!

Triangulate is a strategic card game that relies on basic mathematical skills for all the game mechanics.  If you can add, subtract, multiply and divide the numbers 1 through 12 you can play Triangulate

The goal in Triangulate is the same as most traditional card games which is to run out of cards to win the round.  The basic play of Triangulate involves laying one side of a triangular card against the side of a card already on the table or board.  

The Triangulate Rule

Each triangle card has a number in each corner. Thus each side of the triangle has 2 unique numbers.The two unique numbers on the side of a card can be used to form a new Positive Integer Greater Than 1 through addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.  This is the Triangulate Rule.

To play a card, the new number created by one side of the played card must match the new number created by a side of the card on the table.  

Thus the players must use the Triangulate Rule on the card they are playing and the card they are playing on to create two positive integers (greater than 1) that match.

Remember, it is not the values of the numbers printed on the triangle, but the new integer two of the values can make through addition, subtraction, multiplication or division via The Triangulate Rule.

Multiple Ways To Play

Triangulate can be played like dominoes in that any card in hand can be played on any open card on the table.  This is called Open Play.  However there are multiple variations of Triangulate:

Solitaire – Play the Bubble Burst version as a solitaire game trying to score as high as possible

Virtual Board – This limits where, and how many, cards can be placed in a particular direction

Bubble Burst – Play to fill out hexagons and score the points of the 6 triangles that make the hexagon complete.

Battleground – Play Bubble Burst on a board that limits where you can place your cards


Triangulate is a game that came from tinkering.  Inspired by dominos and then tweaked with a little head math tossed in, Triangulate is an attempt to make a modern, more fun version of the tile game using cards.  In fact Triangulate was designed to use tiles much like mahjong but production costs prohibited the use of tiles in the first edition.

Triangulate was unique in the creation process.  The more we refined the rules and played the prototype, the more ways to play we found.  Originally designed to be strictly Open Play, Triangulate morphed into a game that can be played a half dozen ways using the same cards.  In this way Triangulate ended up mimicking a normal pack of playing cards in that you could play multiple, and completely different, games using the same deck. Hopefully players of Triangulate will find their own new ways to play and will share them with us in the future.