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About Bombard Games

Bombard Games mission is to develop fun, exciting games throughout the board game genre.  Currently in testing are a traditional board game in the style of Monopoly, code name Bad luck, as well as a complex, strategic Civilization like game of conquest, code name Commodities.  We look forward to hearing your comments about all of our past, current, & future games.  

See you on Steam.  Happy Gaming!

Entombed Board Game
You only get old when you stop gaming

Our Mission

Bombard Games is dedicated to producing high quality games suitable for ages 7-70.  We believe that the time spent gaming with family and friends are memories that last a lifetime and shape the person the gamer is to become.  

Games can not only be entertaining, but can also be useful tools in sharpening educational and professional skills. Logical thinking, head math, estimating and statistical chance, while foundations in strategic gaming are also meaningful, useful skills that games can help develop and hone. 

Just like a body, a brain needs exercise, and gaming is one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp.


The Best Team