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Spectrum – Kickstarter Edition

Spectrum Kickstarter Edition

Spectrum Kickstarter Edition is an exclusive version of the Spectrum Board Game packaged with the Spectrum Cards Deck Expansion & the d12 Dice Expansion.  Backers of the Spectrum Kickstarter Edition will receive the 168 card Spectrum Cards Deck Expansion & the 5 custom d12 dice free with the Spectrum board game.  So whether you are a fan of board games, card games, or a mash-up of both, Spectrum Kickstarter Edition has a game for you.

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Spectrum Sell Sheet

Spectrum Board Game

Spectrum – A Game of Colors is an abstract board game for 1-6 players in which colors rule the game.  The goal is to move pawns from the outside of the board towards the center where colors can be captured.  Players attempt to capture a set number of colors in order to win, but may only enter the board on the six primary colors shown on the dice.

Players are always allotted 2 spaces of movement.  How to use those 2 spaces is up to the player.  Where they may use them is up to the dice.

Players roll 2, 3, or 4 dice to determine which colors will be open for movement during their turn.  The six primary colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple are on the dice. Regardless of the amount of dice rolled, players can only choose two to use unless a special roll such as doubles or triples is rolled.  To enter and capture secondary colors such as green-blue, players need to roll a green blue combo on the two dice or roll doubles involving green or blue.

Player may capture opposing pawns and return them to the start.  They may also jump opposing pawns to gain additional movement. Or player can increase the strategy by allowing players to also capture and jump their own pawns!

As a non-linear, non-numerical roll and move game, Spectrum modernizes the roll and move mechanic to add numerous tactical decision on each roll.  With very few rules and almost no math involved, Spectrum is a very accessible game playable by ages 8 to 80 regardless of language.

Spectrum Deluxe also comes with a double sided board for Color Blind Accessibility.  Using this additional board along with the custom Spectrum dice, players who are color blind can still experience and play Spectrum – A Game of Colors with minimal color distinction issues.

Spectrum Card Game

The 168 card Spectrum Card Deck is an original deck of cards based on the Spectrum board game.  With 12 colors, or suits, and 12 cards in each color, it is nearly the equivalent of three standard 52 card decks.  In addition to the 144 base cards, the deck comes with 24 special wild cards that are used in one of the many unique games you can play with the Spectrum Card Deck.

The Spectrum Card Deck itself is also a stand alone card deck which allows the play of some original twists on old favorites:

Spectrum Solitaire is a 12 color, 12 pile solitaire game that will challenge solo players.

Spectrumo is a 12 color Uno game with 24 wild cards for 2 or more players.

Spectrum 500 is a 12 suited Rummy for 2 or more players.

Spectrump is an original trump based game where some trump is good is some is bad.  It can be played with 2 or more players as individuals or teams.

Spectrum Cribbage & Spectrum Casino bring new life to both classics.

Spectrum Poker adds some new hands to the traditional poker hands to spice up your next game.

Spectrum Board Game Using Spectrum Cards Deck

The Spectrum Cards Deck is also an expansion that can be used in the Spectrum board game. The cards add 3 variants to the board game:

Weights involve using the cards to set a random capture value to each of the 12 colors.  This creates assymetrical winning conditions by making some colors twice as valuable as others.

Missions involve the players drawing cards to determine secret spaces on the board which, if they can control, can win the game by stealth.

Portals is a variant in which the players control spaces on the board. Players can choose whether to activate a portal which transports the pawn off the space and to another location on the board.

The deck can also be used to create random 6 pawn shotgun starts for quick play.  The cards can also replace the spectrum dice in a variant in which players draw cards to move instead of rolling, creating a unique draw & move mechanic!


Custom Twelve Sided d12 Color Dice Expansion


Spectrum d12 Dice Expansion

Spectrum d12 Dice Expansion
Take Spectrum to a whole new, more colorful level, with the (5) Twelve Sided d12 Color Dice.  These dice introduce a new way to play the Spectrum board game where every color is available on the dice.  Instead of playing with 2-3-4 d6 color dice, you can play with 3-4-5 d12 color dice.
With all the colors on the dice, and rolling 3 dice to start, players have more, and sometimes less options on where to move.  And how and when colors open for movement is given a new twist with the d12 rules.  
Playing with the d12 dice make spectrum a whole new game.  With the included d6 dice and cards, you will now have 3 different ways to play Spectrum: d6 & d12, and draw & move using the Spectrum cards!
Just like the custom d6 Spectrum dice, the d12 dice will be designed to be color blind accessible!
Spectrum d12 Expansion
  • Five d12 custom Spectrum dice with all 12 spectrum colors on the die.
  • Includes rules for new Spectrum variants and a new roll & write game using all 9 Spectrum dice!
  • Play Spectrum witth d12 dice and d12 rules.
  • Play all the Spectrum variants using the Spectrum Cards.
  • Use the (5)d12 dice and the original Spectrum d6 dice for more unique games!
  • A New 9 Dice Spectrum Variant called Spectrum Escape!  Try to escape from the Spectrum board in this strategic & colorful king of the mountain game.
  • Roll & Color – A New Original Spectrum Roll & Write Game! Try to score as high as you can while making colorful dice sets and series