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Candy & Canes

Welcome to a sweet holiday board game!

Candy & Canes uses polyomino pieces to create fun and festive holiday patterns sprinkled with candies and canes.  With a variety of ways to play and a unique public/private hand mechanic, Candy & Canes challenges players to build Candy Chains on the board that are worth a variety of points.

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  • Use Polyomino pieces that interlock to create Candy Chains.  The longer the chain the more its worth.
  • Slot Machine like scoring chart
  • 100 Unique Polyomino five-square cross pieces.
  • 100 four-block expansion set – Add Square & Hats to the game
  • 100 three-block expansion set – Add Logs and Angles to the game
  • 2 Wild Tokens – Use the wild mint or wild cane token to score big
  • Play 3 ways – Share board, Solo board, & Timed Hand
  • 2 – 8 Players
  • Game time – 5 – 45 minutes depending on game type.

About Candy & Canes
Players use polyomino pieces to create candy chains and score points
There are 4 symbols: Green Mint, Red Mint, Green Cane & Red Cane
Optionally there are 2 wild tokens: Wild Mint & Wild Cane

What is a Polyomino?
A polyomino is a piece made of two or more square blocks, where all blocks are connected as if squares on graph paper
The Candy & Canes polyominoes come in several sizes (The basic game uses just the 5 block pieces):
5 blocks make a pentomino(pentimino) – In Candy & Canes the crosses are pentominos.
4 blocks make a tetromino(tetramino) – In Candy & Canes Squares & Hats are tetrominos
3 blocks make a tromino(trimino) – In Candy & Canes Logs & Angles are trominos.
Tetris pieces are example of 4 block Polyominos.

Ways to play Candy & Canes
There are three ways to play the game:
Shared Board – All players play their pieces on a shared board. Players take turns laying pieces and scoring.
Solo Board – Each player creates their own board and scores it. There is no interaction between player pieces.
Timed Hand – Each player is given 60 seconds to build the best solo board they can.