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Wouldn’t it be great if you could try out a game before deciding whether to buy it?  We thought so too, so we create TableTop Simulator versions of our games that you can play on Steam for free!  

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The only catch is you need to own a copy of TableTop Simulator, which you can buy on Steam for $20 or less depending if it is on sale.  Once you have a copy of TTS, you can go to the Tabletop Simulator Steam Workshop and download our games for free.  Try them out and if you like them, you can back the game on Kickstarter and help bring it to life.

Mods For Jobs

Even better, you can take copies of our games and mod them into new versions or variations, and then share those mods with other gamers.  Found a new way to play Triangulate or Left Out?  Build the mod, post it in the Workshop, and maybe you will get an email asking if you would be interested in working with Bombard Games on a future project.  

There is a game designer inside everyone

Even if we don’t have a position open, we like to reward crafty game designers with free copies of our games and invites to close alpha/beta play testing.  So grab Tabletop Simulator, download our games, and start modding.