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Bizarre Bazaar

Bizarre Bazaar is one of the two games that comprise Auction Adventure.  In Bizarre Bazaar, adventurers scour a market looking to barter, trade, find, and steal wonderous objects and treasure to be sold at the local Auction Haul.  The Bizarre Bazaar is set up by random lot each day, so adventurers never know where items will be located or which merchants will be running each shop.

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Adventurers can not only interact with merchants, but also with other adventurers.  The only thing more fun then talking or tricking a merchant into a profitable deal is doing the same thing to a friend or foe!  It’s every adventurer for themselves as they race to gather the items needed and get them to the Auction Haul first!

  • Play for FREE on Tabletop Simulator:
  • Shopping Crawl – Explore the Bazaar and encounter shops filled with wonderous items
  • RPG elements – Use pre-rolled adventurers or create your own who gain experience
  • Barter, Trade, & Search for items.  Or maybe Stealing would be easier.
  • 24 Shops – A maze of corridors and doors leads to stalls with treasures from exotic lands
  • 64 Merchants – Which 24 merchants will be in shops today?  Each merchant has skills to foil and help adventurers
  • 48 Items –  Jewelry, Armor, Weapons, & Trinkets from near and far line the shelves.  Some magical, some not.
  • Hidden items and secret doors.  The adventurer with a good eye will have an advantage.
  • 2 – 8 Players
  • Game time – 15-20 min per adventurer

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The Gates of Bombaria

“Welcome to Bombardia friend!”

The man who said it was dressed in the finest silk. Aside from a couple of rings on his fingers and a fairly simple pair of greaves, his only possession was a glowing ebony staff. Around him stood a half dozen other sons and daughters of turnip farmers from the other side of the sea.

“Now that everyone is here, it is time to start your instruction. Sultan Baba will attend the Grand Auction in the Wilderlands at the end of the year, and he wishes to maintain his reputation as the greatest trader in Bombardia. You lot, sorry as you may be, will acquire those items by hook or crook.

The Bazaar here in Bombardia is stocked full of fantastic and wondrous items brought back from brave adventurers who slain great beasts and faced terrible dangers.

One look at this group tells me you are not the kind to battle dragons. Besides the dagger that one has in his boot, and the sling for rabbit hunting I see hanging from her belt, none of you appear to have had any weapon training. If you were going to be adventurers you would have started such training years ago.

You would be a hindrance to any group of adventurers and it would most certainly lead to your death, if not the death of the entire party. But the loot that the adventurers bring back, the adventure for those jewels, armor, weapons, and trinkets is just beginning.

The stories of those baubles will range from being traded for an old set of chainmail, to gathering dust on a shelf, to being sold for tens of thousands of golden ducats!

You see, almost all riches are the result of acquisition and distribution. Recognizing the difference between magical and mundane, exotic and humanoid is what separates one piece of loot from being worth less than mutton in a pub, and another piece of loot that is worth more than all the pubs in Bombardia.

My name is Alrajul al Hakim. It is my job to teach you what you need to know to operate successfully within the Bazaar and at the Auction.

Some of you may decide to concentrate on either the Bazaar or the Auction, but not both. Others will master both acquisition and distribution.

You need not decide now. First you will learn.”