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Auction Haul

Auction Haul is one of the two games that comprise Auction Adventure.  Auction attendees will bid for rare treasures that will be sold at the year end Grand Auction.  Before, during, and after the auction, attendees exchange gossip about which merchants are attending the Grand Auction in an attempt to influence the markets, and thereby the prices, of items they own.

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  • Play for FREE on Tabletop Simulator:
  • Auction Game – Bid for items while attempting to influence the markets with rumors and facts
  • Influence the markets by spreading information about which merchants will or will not attend the Grand Auction
  • 64 Merchant Cards – Each has a unique influence on the markets
  • 8 Rumor  Cards – Change facts into fibs, and falsehoods into facts.
  • 8 Validation Cards – Double down on a fact or a rumor and double the influence the fact or rumor has.
  • Linear & Inverse Markets – Some go up and down on their own, others directly influence another market.
  • Bid, Raise, Pass & Drop Out of auctions.
  • Every item, fact & rumor influences the markets.  Manipulate them to your advantage.
  • Short, Medium, & Long Auction options to fit the time available to play
  • 3 – 12 Players
  • 60 – 180 minutes depending on the amount of items in the auction and attendees.

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Looking up at the sign, I tried to remember the lessons Quintus had scrawled.

– Rumors and Truths are but a whisper apart.
– Influence begets influence
– Truth is worth its weight in gold. Confirmation is worth its weight in platinum.
– Beware the buyer who tries to corner a market
– Small overpayments can lead to great fortunes.

“Hello friend. Have you heard the horrible news that Hopkin will not attend the Grand Auction this year? It is said that his caravan was waylaid and he is bedridden.”

She was a shadowy figure dressed in a crimson robe that covered half her face. Though her voice lent concern, her smile suggested content.

“Interesting. I imagine his cousin Careline will sorely miss his presence at the Auction. They were always inseparable, so it is odd she was not with him on that ill fated caravan.”

I watched her reaction to this news, but it was like watching paint dry on a wall. If she had any reaction to the news, she kept it to herself.

“The gods work in shadows and without consultation. Fate would seem to have dealt Careline a good hand. But there is plenty of time between now and the Grand Auction for cards to change.”
It was hard to tell if the statement was speculation or a warning.

“Indeed. I wish you good fortune at inside The Haul. May the items you buy, sell for a great fortune at the Grand Auction.”, I said while performing a deep and elegant bow in my new friend’s direction.

“As they say, Buy well today. Live well forever.” Old trader wisdom Quintus had shared through his lesson.

The price we paid today meant nothing. All that mattered was what it would sell for at the Grand Auction.

But the direction the markets headed after today would play a great role in determining the items final price at the year end festival.

Buying was only half the game. Influencing markets by sewing rumors with threads of truths was the best way to stack the odds for a profitable Grand Auction.

However, the game between this shady stranger and myself had already been played, so decorum was the logical response.

“May the sun always be at your back and the winds always over your shoulder.”
With a nod, and a slight curtsy, she slipped into the throng of people entering Auction Haul. I was left alone staring up at the sign above the entrance.

I checked my purse. Working for Sultan Baba in The Bizarre Bazaar had filled it with ducats. Now it was time to work for myself. The first brick of my palace is laid today.

With a deep breath I walked towards the entrance to Auction Haul. As I approached, an urchin forced an auction catalog into my hand.

Opening the catalog I saw it was filled with Jewelry, Armor, Weapons, & Trinkets, both magical and mundane. Some forged by humanoids, others by exotic beasts from distant lands.

– An auction catalog is a treasure map. It is up to you to discover which page deserve the “X”. – Quintus

The lessons came back to me as if they were second nature.
– Buying low is as good as buying high.
– Use rumors and truths to your advantage
– Influence the markets in the direction that benefits you, or punishes your rivals

I was as ready as I could be. Only experience inside Auction Haul could teach me what I do not already know.
And besides, if I lost everything, working for Sultan Baba pays well and there is always next year’s Grand Auction.

I rolled the catalog in my hand and slapped it against my leg as I strode forward to meet destiny.

As I passed beneath the sign that had caught my attention, a dusty hand clasped me on my shoulder.

“Ah a fellow fortune seeker. Have you heard that Merchant Akash will be attending the Grand Auction this year with 7 camels laden with gold? Apparently his spices are popular in the East.”

He looked just like any one of the other hundred or so passing through the arches on the way into the auction.
“You don’t say? Funny, I heard it was 11 camels….”

And so it begins….