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Bad Luck

Bad Luck is a board game is which the unluckiest person wins. Players have been invited to a deceased
relative’s now vacant home for the reading of the will. The will states that each player will be given
$1,000,000 and tasked with losing it all . Players are given one year to lose the money, with each
side of the board representing one week. Thus one circuit of the board is four weeks, and 13 circuits
of the board in one year.

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If any player manages to lose $1,000,000 in the course of one year, they win the entire
inheritance of $9,700,000. However if any player completes the year without losing the
$1,000,000, ALL players lose and no one gets anything.

Along the way, players will hope to break mirrors, spill salt, lose at casinos, and avoid being
JINXed. And while players may never trade money in any way, they do have the power to play
some nasty Pandora cards on players, while sprinkling a little bad luck on themselves.
Let he or she who is the biggest loser win!

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  • Anti – Monopoly – Try to lose $1,000,000 as fast as possible
  • Luck is Backwards – Good Luck is bad, and Bad Luck is good!
  • One Jinx is Bad, but Two Make You Glad – The Jinx change a player’s luck.
  • Pandora Cards – Open Pandora’s Box and see what fate has in store.
  • Piggy Bank – This is the last thing anyone trying to lose $1,000,000 wants!
  • Unlucky Board Spaces – Lose more each time you visit an unlucky board space.
  • Casinos – Go in and hope to lose and pray you don’t win.
  • 2 – 8 Players
  • Game time – 60 – 180 min (depending on luck!)