Ark Nova review

Ark Nova Board Game Review


Name: Ark Nova

BGG Weight: 3.72 / 5

Year Published: 2021

Publisher: Feuerland Spiele

Designer: Mathias Wigge

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 90-160 minutes

Game Category/Theme: Zoo, Animals

Mechanics: End Game Bonuses, Hand Management, Hexagon Grid, Income, Increase Value of Unchosen Resources



Strategy: 8.4

Complexity: 7.2

Player Interaction: 6.8

Replayability: 9.1

Game Rating: 8.6

Cost: 6.5



Weight Rating: (7.2 + 8.4) = 15.6

Playability Rating: [(9.1 + 6.8 + 8.6) – 7.2] = 17.3

Play Rating Score: (15.6 + 17.3) x 2 = 65.8

Value Rating: 65.8 / 6.5 = 10.12


Final Score Rating: 65.8 + 10.12 = 775.92



In Ark Nova, players are zookeepers who compete to build the best zoo possible, by acquiring animals, constructing enclosures, and hiring staff. The game is designed for 2-4 players and takes around 60-90 minutes to play.

The game features unique mechanics where players can attract animals by offering them the right types of food and habitats, and also includes a card-drafting mechanism where players must choose which animals to acquire and which ones to pass on.

Overall, Ark Nova has been positively received by players who enjoy the blend of strategy, resource management, and animal collection. The game’s components are also praised for their high quality and attention to detail. If you’re a fan of board games about building and managing your own zoo, Ark Nova is definitely worth checking out.


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