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Board Game Mechanics – Area Movement

The area movement mechanic in board games involves moving game pieces between different spaces or areas on a game board. Players can only move their pieces along predetermined paths or routes, often based on the layout of the game board. This mechanic creates a strategic element to the game, as players must carefully plan their movements to achieve their objectives while avoiding obstacles and potential threats.

One popular example of the area movement mechanic is Risk, a classic game of global domination. Players move their armies between territories on a world map, with the ultimate goal of controlling all territories and eliminating their opponents. Another example is Small World, where players move their armies between different regions of a fantasy world, conquering territories and collecting victory points.

  1. Risk: Players move their armies across a world map divided into territories, with the goal of conquering as much territory as possible.
  2. Small World: Players choose a fantasy race and try to conquer as many territories on the board as possible by moving their armies from one area to another.
  3. Axis & Allies: Players move their military units across a world map, trying to gain control of territories and resources, with the ultimate goal of defeating their opponents.
  4. Eclipse: Players control spaceships and explore a vast galaxy, colonizing planets, conducting research, and engaging in combat with other players.
  5. Scythe: Players control factions in a fictional alternate history of Europe, moving their characters across a hex-based game board to gain resources, control territories, and achieve objectives.
  6. Twilight Imperium: Players represent space-faring civilizations in a complex, multi-layered game of diplomacy, exploration, resource management, and military conflict.
  7. BattleLore: Players move miniature figures across a game board, using cards to activate special abilities and engage in tactical combat.
  8. Star Wars: Rebellion: Players represent the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, moving their characters and units across a game board that represents the Star Wars galaxy, with the goal of achieving their respective objectives.
  9. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game: Players represent the various houses of Westeros, moving their armies across the game board to gain control of territory and political power, with the ultimate goal of winning the Iron Throne.
  10. Britannia: Players control the various tribes and nations that inhabited the British Isles from the Roman invasion to the Norman Conquest, with the goal of gaining and holding territory and exerting political and military dominance.

Here are a couple of examples of the area movement mechanic in popular board games:

Risk – In Risk, players move their armies across different territories in order to conquer territories owned by other players. Each turn, players can move their armies from one territory to another as long as they are adjacent to each other.

Small World – Small World is a fantasy-themed game where players control different races with unique abilities and move them across the board to capture different territories. Each turn, players can move their race tokens to an adjacent territory and attempt to capture it by having more tokens there than any other player.

Scythe – In Scythe, players control mechs and characters on a hex-based board, moving them from one area to another to collect resources, build structures, and engage in combat with other players. Each turn, players have a certain number of moves they can make based on their character’s abilities and the resources they have available.

Twilight Imperium – In Twilight Imperium, players control different factions and explore a vast universe, moving their fleets of ships from one planet to another in order to gain control of different systems and engage in political and military conflict with other players. Each turn, players have a limited number of moves they can make based on their available resources and the abilities of their factions.

Blood Rage – Blood Rage is a Viking-themed game where players control different clans and move them across the board to conquer territories, gain glory, and engage in epic battles. Each turn, players have a limited number of actions they can take, including moving their warriors across the board to different areas where they can battle with other players’ warriors.