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Board Game Mechanics – Dexterity Auction

The dexterity auction mechanic in board games refers to the use of physical skill, coordination, and quick thinking to perform actions or acquire items during an auction. In these games, players take turns making bids and attempting to perform the physical action required to win the auction. The player who successfully completes the action wins the auction and acquires the item or takes the action.

The dexterity auction mechanic adds an element of excitement and challenge to the game as players must perform physical actions in addition to making strategic bids. This can include tasks such as stacking blocks, flicking disks, rolling dice, or manipulating objects. The dexterity element adds an additional layer of competition as players must not only outbid each other, but also out-perform each other in terms of physical skill.

Examples of games that use the dexterity auction mechanic include Roll for the Galaxy, Flick ’em Up, and Bärenpark.

Top 10 games with the dexterity auction mechanic:

  1. Roll for the Galaxy
  2. Flick ’em Up
  3. Bärenpark
  4. IceCool
  5. Rhino Hero
  6. Rhino Hero: Super Battle
  7. The Quest for El Dorado
  8. PitchCar
  9. Crokinole
  10. Trick of the Rails

A specific example of the dexterity auction mechanic can be found in the popular game Roll for the Galaxy. In Roll for the Galaxy, players take on the role of space faring civilizations competing to explore and settle new planets.

Bidding: At the start of each round, players take turns bidding on various actions such as exploring new planets, developing new technologies, and producing goods. The player who makes the highest bid for a particular action gets to perform that action first.

Dexterity Challenge: To win the bid for an action, a player must roll a set of dice and match the symbols on the dice to the symbols on the action card. The player must also do this quickly and accurately, as other players can challenge the bid if they believe the player made a mistake or took too long.

Winning the Auction: The player who successfully rolls the dice and matches the symbols on the action card wins the auction and takes the action. They must also pay the cost for the action as specified on the action card.

This example shows how the dexterity auction mechanic works in Roll for the Galaxy. The combination of bidding and dexterity challenges creates a dynamic and exciting experience for players as they must balance their strategy with their physical skill.