Brass birmingham review

Brass: Birmingham Board Game Review


Name of the game: Brass: Birmingham

BGG Weight: 3.90 / 5

Year published: 2018

Publisher: Roxley Games

Designer: Martin Wallace

Number of players: 2-4

Playing time: 60-120 minutes

Game category/theme: Economic strategy, Industrial revolution

Board game mechanics: Hand Management, Income, Loans, Market, Network and Route Building



Strategy: 9.2

Complexity: 8.5

Player Interaction: 8.8

Replayability: 9.4

Game Rating: 9.1

Cost: 6.0



Weight Rating = (8.5 + 9.2) = 17.7

Playability Rating = [(9.4 + 8.8 + 9.1) – 8.5] = 18.8

Play Rating Score = (17.7 + 18.8) x 2 = 73

Value Rating = 73 / 6 = 12.17


Final Score Rating = 73 + 12.17 = 85.17



Brass: Birmingham is an economic strategy game set during the Industrial Revolution. Players take on the role of entrepreneurs looking to build profitable industries such as coal mines, ironworks, ports, and shipyards in the city of Birmingham, England. The game is divided into two phases: the canal phase and the railway phase. In the canal phase, players build canal networks to transport goods and in the railway phase, players build railway networks to connect their industries and transport goods more efficiently.

The game offers a deep and complex gameplay experience. The game mechanics are interwoven, with tile placement, network building, and economic management all playing important roles in the game. Players must manage their money carefully to build their industries and transport networks, while also competing against other players for valuable resources and markets. The game also features an auction/bidding mechanic, adding an additional layer of strategy and player interaction.

Brass: Birmingham does not offer solo play, but it does have a competitive mode and a two-player mode. The game is best played with experienced players who are familiar with economic strategy games. The game can take some time to learn, but it is worth the effort for those who enjoy deep and complex gameplay experiences.

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