On Mars review

On Mars Board Game Review


Game Title: On Mars

NGG Weight: 4.67 / 5

Year Published: 2020

Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games

Designer: Vital Lacerda

Number of Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 120-180 minutes

Game Category/Theme: Science Fiction, Space Exploration, Resource Management

Board Game Mechanics: Closed Drafting, Contracts, Delayed Purchase, End Game Bonuses, Hand Management



Strategy: 9.2

Complexity: 8.7

Player Interaction: 7.8

Replayability: 9.1

Game Rating: 9.0

Cost: 8.5



Weight Rating = 8.7 + 9.2 = 17.9

Playability Rating = [(9.1 + 7.8 + 9.0) – 8.7] = 17.2

Play Rating Score = (17.9 + 17.2) x 2 = 70.2

Value Rating = 70.2 / 8.5 = 8.26


Final Score Rating = 70.2 + 8.26 = 78.46



On Mars is a highly thematic and immersive game that offers a complex and engaging gameplay experience. The game puts players in the role of leaders of a space agency, tasked with establishing a human colony on Mars. Players must balance their resources and actions to ensure the success of their mission, while competing with each other for valuable resources and funding. The game offers a wide variety of strategic choices, with multiple paths to victory and a high level of player interaction.

On Mars does not offer solo or cooperative play, as it is designed for 1-4 players. The game is best played with a group of experienced gamers who enjoy complex and challenging games. The game’s rulebook is lengthy and complex, requiring some time and effort to fully understand the mechanics and strategies.

Overall, On Mars is a highly enjoyable game that offers a deep and engaging gameplay experience. It is recommended for players who enjoy complex and strategic games, with a strong focus on resource management and player interaction.

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  3. Eclipse – A space-themed game with a focus on exploration, resource management, and player interaction.
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  6. Brass: Birmingham – A game set during the Industrial Revolution, where players compete to build their industries and infrastructure in England.
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  8. Great Western Trail – A game set in the American West, where players manage their herds and infrastructure while traveling along the trail.
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