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The Goal of Entombed

Assume the role of a Pyramid Builder for the Pharaohs of Egypt. Manage your resources to build massive pyramids, carve intricate passages & chambers, and decorate with the items befitting a trip to the underworld. The builder with the highest valued pyramids and assets will be crowned Royal Builder.

Each builder must use between 89 -101 blocks in the construction of pyramids.

Each builder must build at least 2 pyramids, but no more than 3.

A builder may build any combination of pyramid sizes, but they must adhere to the above requirements.

Winning The Game

Once the first builder has claimed 2 or 3 contracts and has fulfilled the obligations(89-101 blocks used), the end game begins.

Other builders may continue to try to claim contracts and finish for 7 turns, but builders who have finished begin to get additional Senyu each turn.

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  • Play for FREE on Tabletop Simulator:
  • Engine Builder – Use your income to recruit manpower, buy resources, and satisfy contract requirements.
  • Contracts – There are always 4 Small, 4 Medium, & 4 Large Pyramid contract available to the builders.
  • Dig out Chambers, Passages and add Décor fit for a Pharaoh.
  • 54 unique contract cards, 18 for each size pyramid
  • Play as a pure strategy game or add the following elements to introduce luck and player interactions.
  • Underhanded Actions allow players to interfere with other builds.
  • 18 Offering cards for increasing the chances of Underhanded Actions
  • Worker Strikes can hamper a builder’s best laid plans
  • Tomb Raiders can come and steal décor from a half built pyramid.
  • Solo mode for practicing and testing strategies.
  • 1-4 Players
  • 60 – 120 minutes
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