root review

Root Board Game Review


Name: Root

BGG Weight: 3.76 / 5

Year Published: 2018

Publisher: Leder Games

Designer: Cole Wehrle

Number of players: 2-4

Playing time: 60-90 minutes

Game category/theme: Strategy, War, Animals

Board game mechanics: Action Queue, Action Retrieval, Area Majority / Influence, Area Movement, Dice Rolling, Hand Management



Strategy: 9.3

Complexity: 8.5

Player interaction: 9.5

Replayability: 9.7

Game Rating: 9.2

Cost: 5



Weight Rating = (8.5 + 9.3) = 17.8

Playability Rating = [(9.7 + 9.5 + 9.2) – 8.5] = 19.9

Play Rating Score = (17.8 + 20.9) * 2 = 75.4

Value Rating = 75.4 / 5 = 15.08




Final Score Rating = 75.4 + 15.08 = 90.48



Root is an asymmetric game that puts players in the roles of different animal factions competing for control of a woodland realm. Each faction has its own unique abilities, goals, and strategies, making each game feel fresh and challenging. The game’s area control and influence mechanics are well-designed and allow for a great deal of player interaction and strategy. The art and components of the game are also top-notch, adding to the immersion of the game world.

One downside to the game is its relatively high complexity, which can be overwhelming for new players. Additionally, the game’s balance can be tricky, with certain factions feeling overpowered or underpowered depending on the situation. However, overall the game offers a great deal of replayability and depth, making it a favorite among strategy game enthusiasts.

Root does not offer a solo play option, but it does have a cooperative expansion, The Underworld Expansion, that allows players to work together against automated factions. This expansion adds even more replayability and strategic depth to an already great game.


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