Splendor Board Game Review


Name of the game: Splendor
BGG Weight: 1.78 / 5
Year published: 2014
Publisher: Space Cowboys
Designer: Marc André
Number of players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 30 minutes
Game category/theme: Strategy, Renaissance
Board game mechanics: Contracts, Open Drafting, Race, Set Collection



Strategy: 8.3

Complexity: 2.6

Player Interaction: 6.9

Replayability: 7.5

Game Rating: 8.0

Cost: 3.8



Weight Rating = 2.6 + 8.3 = 10.9

Playability Rating = [(7.5 + 6.9 + 8.0) – 2.6] = 19.8

Play Rating Score = (10.9 + 19.8) * 2 = 61.4

Value Rating = 61.4 / 3.8 = 16.16


Final Score Rating = 61.4 + 16.16 = 77.56



Splendor is a beautifully designed and simple card game that is easy to learn but offers deep and satisfying gameplay. The game has a Renaissance theme where players take on the role of wealthy merchants acquiring gems, mining operations, and transportation methods to acquire the most victory points.

The game has an interesting card drafting mechanic where players acquire cards from a common pool to build up their collection of gems and bonuses. Players also earn points by purchasing development cards and accumulating prestige points. The game is won by the player who first reaches 15 prestige points.

Splendor can be played solo or with 2-4 players. The game is quick and easy to set up, making it perfect for a short game night. The game is also relatively cheap and has a low complexity rating, making it a great game for both casual and seasoned players.

Overall, Splendor is a great game for players who enjoy simple yet deep strategy games. It has excellent replayability, as every game is different and players can experiment with different strategies. The game is also visually stunning and the components are high quality.


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