The Crew Mission Deep Sea review

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea Board Game Review


Name: The Crew: Mission Deep Sea

BGG Weight: 2.05 / 5

Year Published: 2020

Publisher: KOSMOS

Designer: Thomas Sing

Number of Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 20-50 minutes

Game Category/Theme: Card Game, Space/Sci-Fi, Cooperative

Board Game Mechanics: Communication Limits, Cooperative Game, Hand Management, Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game, Trick-taking



Strategy: 7.5

Complexity: 5.5

Player Interaction: 7

Replayability: 8

Game Rating: 8

Cost: 5



Weight Rating =(5.5 + 7.5) = 13

Playability rating = [(8 + 7 + 8) – 5.5] = 17.5

Play Rating score = (13 + 17.5) x 2 = 61

Value Rating = 61 / 5 = 12.2

Final Score Rating = 61 + 12.2 = 73.2



The Crew: Mission Deep Sea is a cooperative trick-taking card game where players work together to complete space missions. Each mission is assigned to a specific player and requires them to win specific tricks in order to progress. With each mission completed, the game becomes more difficult, adding in new rules and challenges to overcome. The game offers a good amount of strategy and player interaction, as players must communicate with each other to determine who has the cards needed to complete each mission. Additionally, the variable player powers add a layer of complexity and replayability to the game.

The game does not offer a solo mode, but it can be played with 2-5 players. The playing time is relatively short, ranging from 20-50 minutes, making it a great option for a quick game night or as a warm-up to a longer game.


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