7 wonders duel review

7 Wonders Duel Board Game Review


Name: 7 Wonders Duel

Year Published: 2015

Publisher: Repos Production

Designer: Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala

Number of Players: 2

Playing Time: 30 minutes

Game Category/Theme: Civilization Building, Ancient History

Mechanics: Card Drafting, Set Collection, Tableau Building



Strategy: 9.5

Complexity: 6.5

Player Interaction: 9.0

Replayability: 8.5

Game Rating: 9.0

Cost: 6.0



Weight Rating: 6.5 + 9.5 = 16.0

Playability Rating: [(8.5 + 9.0 + 9.0) – 6.5] = 20.0

Play Rating Score: (16.0 + 20.0) * 2 = 72.0

Value Rating: 72.0 / 6.0 = 12.0


Final Score Rating: 72.0 + 12.0 = 84.0



7 Wonders Duel is a two-player version of the popular game 7 Wonders, and it is a great game in its own right. The game is played over three ages, each consisting of six rounds, and the goal is to score the most victory points. Players build their civilizations by choosing cards from a shared pool and adding them to their tableau. The cards can provide resources, military power, scientific advancements, or victory points. Players must balance their choices between short-term gains and long-term strategies, as well as keep an eye on their opponent’s progress.

One of the game’s strengths is the way it allows for different paths to victory. Players can focus on military might, scientific advancement, or cultural achievements, among other things. The game also has a high level of player interaction, as players can steal cards from their opponent, block their progress, or force them into suboptimal decisions.

The game has a moderate complexity level, but the rules are easy to learn and the game flows smoothly once players get the hang of it. The game also has a high replayability factor, as the cards are randomized each game, and players can try out different strategies and paths to victory.

In terms of cost, the game is moderately priced, but it offers a lot of value for the money. The game is well-designed, with high-quality components and artwork.

Overall, 7 Wonders Duel is a highly strategic and interactive game that offers a lot of replayability and value for its cost. It is a great choice for two-player games and for fans of civilization-building games.


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