nemesis review

Nemesis Board Game Review


Name of the game: Nemesis

BGG Weight: 3.43 / 5

Year published: 2018

Publisher: Awaken Realms

Designer: Adam Kwapiński

Number of players: 1-5

Playing time: 90-180 minutes

Game category/theme: Science Fiction, Horror

Board game mechanics: Campaign / Battle Card Driven, Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Hidden Roles




Strategy: 9.5

Complexity: 8.5

Player Interaction: 9.0

Replayability: 9.0

Game Rating: 9.3

Cost: 7.0



Weight Rating: 8.5 + 9.5 = 18.0

Playability Rating: [(9.0 + 9.0 + 9.3) – 8.5] = 18.8

Play Rating Score: (18.0 + 18.8) x 2 = 73.6

Value Rating: 73.6 / 7.0 = 10.51


Final Score Rating: 73.6 + 10.51 = 84.11



Nemesis is a cooperative game that places players in a science fiction horror setting. Players take on the roles of various crew members of a spaceship, each with their own special abilities and weaknesses. The goal of the game is to survive and complete the objectives of the mission while dealing with various threats and events that occur throughout the game.

The game features a modular board that can be rearranged to create different scenarios and objectives, adding to the replayability of the game. Players must manage their hand of cards, as well as their health and inventory, while dealing with a variety of random events and alien creatures. The dice rolling mechanics add an element of luck to the game, but there are enough strategic decisions to be made throughout the game to make it a very engaging experience.

The game also features a traitor mechanic, where one or more players may have secret objectives that are not in line with the rest of the crew. This adds a level of tension and suspicion to the game, and keeps players on their toes throughout the game.

Nemesis is not a game for the faint of heart, as it can be quite complex and difficult to win. However, the immersive theme and engaging gameplay make it a great experience for those who enjoy science fiction and horror themes. The cost of the game is on the higher end, but the quality of the components and the replayability of the game make it worth the investment.


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