caylus review

Caylus Board Game Review


Name: Caylus

BGG Weight: 3.80 / 5

Year Published: 2005

Publisher: Ystari Games

Designer: William Attia

Number of Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 60-150 minutes

Game Category/Theme: Medieval/Economic

Board Game Mechanics: Action Queue, Ownership, Turn Order: Claim Action, Turn Order: Pass Order, Variable Set-up, Worker Placement



Strategy: 9.2

Complexity: 7.5

Player Interaction: 8.7

Replayability: 9.3

Game Rating: 9.1

Cost: 6.5



Weight Rating = (7.5 + 9.2) = 16.7

Playability Rating = [(9.3 + 8.7 + 9.1) – 7.5] = 20.6

Play Rating Score = (16.7 + 20.6) * 2 = 74.6

Value Rating = 74.6 / 6.5 = 11.5


Final Score Rating = 74.6 + 11.5 = 86.1



Caylus is a popular strategy game that offers a unique medieval economic theme. In this game, players take turns placing their workers on various buildings in order to collect resources, build structures, and gain points. One interesting aspect of Caylus is the auction mechanic, where players can bid to use certain buildings or to determine the turn order. This adds an extra level of strategy and player interaction to the game. Overall, Caylus is a challenging and engaging game that is perfect for players who enjoy a good strategy game with plenty of replayability.

Caylus does not offer a solo or cooperative play option, as it is strictly a competitive game.


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