Kickstarter Games List – Do’s & Don’ts

Kickstarter Games List – Do’s & Don’ts

I asked the BoardGameGeek.com community about their Kickstarter Games Do’s & Don’ts list.  I asked two simple questions:

What thing must a Kickstarter game have for you to back it?
What is something that if it is there, or missing, would automatically keep you from backing it?

Here is a summary of their responses.  I hope it serves other Kickstarter creators as well as it served us.

1. Games with a solitaire mode are in demand, but solo mode shouldn’t be forced
2. Post the rule book.
3. Shipping costs, especially international, need to be in the KickStarter project & calculated correctly.
4. Early bird can do more harm than good. Avoid non game related Add-Ons.
5. Communicate well before, during and after the project. Keep backers in the loop.
6. Try to distinguish between KickStarter version and retail version to tempt backers.
7. Video – Introductory and play through.
8. Use stretch goals to enhance the quality of game components.
9. Localized versions or translation of rule books if selling internationally.
10. Display a passion for gaming as opposed to a passion for sales.

The biggest thing that divided the BGG members was the use of text in graphics.  Many hate when text is inside a graphic instead of just text.   Others seem to prefer there being almost no text in the whole KS project and everything is graphics.

While both types of projects have seen plenty of successes and failures on KickStarter, personally I think one thing breaks the tie if you are on the fence about whether to go with an all graphic KS project layout.  Text is searchable, images are not.  If you think there is any seo value to having your KS page fully indexed, then text(or at least some text) would be the way to go.

Thanks to the BGG community for their input and help!  Until next time, Happy Gaming!

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