maracaibo review

Maracaibo Board Game Review


Name: Maracaibo

BGG Weight: 3.91 / 5

Year Published: 2019

Publisher: Game’s Up

Designer: Alexander Pfister

Number of Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 60-150 minutes

Game Category/Theme: Exploration, Pirates, Caribbean

Board Game Mechanics: Contracts, End Game Bonuses, Events, Hand Management, Income



Strategy: 9.3

Complexity: 8.5

Player Interaction: 7.8

Replayability: 9.2

Game Rating: 8.9

Cost: 6.5



Weight Rating: (8.5 + 9.3) = 17.8

Playability Rating: [(9.2 + 7.8 + 8.9) – 8.5] = 17.4

Play Rating Score: (17.8 + 17.4) x 2 = 70.4

Value Rating: 70.4 / 6.5 = 10.83


Final Score Rating: 70.4 + 10.83 = 81.23



Maracaibo is a game of exploration and conquest set in the Caribbean. Players take on the roles of captains of their own ships, navigating the islands and seas in search of treasure, fame, and fortune. The game offers a rich, immersive experience with its stunning artwork, detailed miniatures, and intricate mechanics. Players must manage their resources carefully, including their crew, cargo, and weapons, as they make strategic decisions about where to go and what to do. The game offers both solo and cooperative modes, allowing players to experience the game in a variety of ways.

Maracaibo is a complex game with many layers of strategy and decision-making. Players must balance short-term and long-term goals, as well as manage their hand of cards and deck of abilities. The game also offers a high degree of replayability, with multiple paths to victory and different end game bonuses to pursue. The player interaction is moderate, with some opportunities for cooperation and competition. The cost of the game is on the higher side, but it is well worth the investment for fans of exploration and adventure games.


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