Race for the Galaxy review

Race for the Galaxy Board Game Review


Name of the game: Race for the Galaxy

Bgg Weight: 2.99 / 5

Year published: 2007

Publisher: Rio Grande Games

Designer: Thomas Lehmann

Number of players: 2-4

Playing time: 30-60 minutes

Game category/theme: Card Game, Science Fiction

Board game mechanics: Follow, Hand Management, Income, Market, Multi-Use Cards



Strategy: 8.2

Complexity: 6.7

Player Interaction: 7.8

Replayability: 9.1

Game Rating: 8.6

Cost: 5.0



Weight Rating = 6.7 + 8.2 = 14.9

Playability rating = [(9.1 + 7.8 + 8.6) – 6.7] = 18.8

Play Rating score = (14.9 + 18.8) x 2 = 67.4

Value Rating = 67.4 / 5.0 = 13.48


Final Score Rating = 67.4 + 13.48 = 80.88



Race for the Galaxy is a highly strategic card game set in a science fiction universe. Players build and develop their own galactic empires by selecting and playing cards from a shared deck. The game offers a variety of mechanics, including hand management, card drafting, set collection, tableau building, and variable player powers. One of the game’s unique features is that players choose their actions in secret each turn, which can lead to some interesting bluffing and guessing by other players.

The game is designed for 2-4 players and takes around 30-60 minutes to play, depending on the number of players and their experience with the game. The learning curve is moderate, and the game’s mechanics can be complex at times, but the gameplay is smooth once players are familiar with the rules.

The replayability of Race for the Galaxy is one of its strongest points, as each game offers different card combinations and strategies. The player interaction is also high, as players must anticipate their opponents’ actions and react accordingly. The game’s cost is reasonable for a card game, but it may be more expensive than some other board games on the market.

Overall, Race for the Galaxy is a highly enjoyable and strategic card game that offers a lot of replayability and player interaction. It is well worth checking out for fans of science fiction or card games.

Race for the Galaxy offers no official solo or cooperative play, but there are fan-made solo variants available online.


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