Raiders of the North Sea review

Raiders of the North Sea Board Game Review


Name of the game: Raiders of the North Sea

Year published: 2015

Publisher: Garphill Games

Designer: Shem Phillips

Number of players: 2-4

Playing time: 60-80 minutes

Game category/theme: Viking, worker placement, resource management

Board game mechanics: Worker placement, set collection, resource management, variable player powers, point-to-point movement



Strategy: 8.5

Complexity: 5.5

Player Interaction: 7.5

Replayability: 9.0

Game Rating: 8.0

Cost: 6.0



Weight Rating: = (5.5 + 8.5) = 14.0

Playability Rating: [(9.0 + 7.5 + 8.0) – 5.5] = 19.0

Play Rating Score: (14.0 + 19.0) x 2 = 66.0

Value Rating: 66.0 / 6.0 = 11.00

Final Score Rating: 66.0 + 11.00 = 77.00



Raiders of the North Sea is a Viking-themed worker placement and resource management game with a unique twist on the genre. Players take on the role of Viking warriors and assemble a crew to raid nearby settlements and gain resources, valuable items, and victory points. The game’s mechanics are easy to learn but offer a great deal of depth and strategy. Players must carefully plan their actions to maximize their gains while also competing against each other for the best spots on the board. The game also features a unique “place-and-take” mechanic where players must choose between placing a worker or taking an action with an existing worker. This creates a constant tension between short-term and long-term planning. The artwork is stunning and immerses players in the Viking world. The game is best played with 3-4 players, as the competition between players makes the game more enjoyable. While the game does not offer a solo mode, it can be played cooperatively by adding a dummy player. Overall, Raiders of the North Sea is an excellent worker placement game that offers a unique twist on the genre.


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