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NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 2 – A Voice In The Wilderness


The second adventure in the NERDS Dungeons & Dragons campaign is A Voice in the Wilderness. You can download the adventure using the link below.

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 2 – A Voice In The Wilderness.

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A Voice in the Wilderness Background

You’re in the forests on the outskirts of the city of Harmony, investigating what the locals are calling “color outages” occurring across the city. The forest is usually filled with lush colors from the plants and wildlife that fill the area, but you’ve found the strange color outages dulling the city have struck here too—fading the flowers and graying the leaves.

Entrusted with protecting and preserving the forest, you’ve been searching for natural causes that might be behind the outages, but have had no luck so far determining the source. As you hunt for more clues, a little bird lands next to you with a tiny scrap of parchment in its beak.

Noble ranger, please help us solve the mystery of the color outages. I’ve sent my Sapling Scout, Elowen Greenleaf, to wait for you in the Old Oak Grove. She knows who you are and awaits your aid. Make haste, she may already be in danger.

—Mr. Honeycutt

A Voice in the Wilderness features Red, a 1st level Ranger.  Red has no real weaknesses(no stat below 10), but also doesn’t have any exceptional skills(no stat above 14).  Red gets strength, dexterity, and wisdom bonuses and is equipped with leather armor, short sword, quarterstaff, & a long bow with 20 arrows.

Red is an Outlander and grew up in the wilds, far from civilization.  Red has an excellent memory for maps and geography, and can always recall the general layout of terrain, settlements, and other features in the area. In addition, Red can find food and fresh water for itself and up to five other people each day.

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At the end of Adventure 2, we still have 4 NERDS companion to meet.  Next time we will look at NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 3 – A Sticky Situation.  Happy questing!