NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 3 – A Sticky Situation

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 3 – A Sticky Situation

The third adventure in the NERDS Dungeons & Dragons campaign is A Sticky Situation. You can download the adventure using the link below.

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 3 – A Sticky Situation.

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A Sticky Situation Background

You’re at the gym early in the morning before the students arrive, getting in an hour of training when two tough-looking
goons swagger into the room. One locks the door behind them as the other sneers at you. They have swords, and you can tell
instantly that they aren’t blunted for training.

“Time for a little candy-coated nap!” one goon says with a gap-toothed grin.

Emo the Beholder, Greystone’s minion, has seen how Mr. Honeycutt is recruiting all the heroes in Harmony to look for the Gems of Power.   Mr. Greystone wants to put an end to Honeycutt’s chances of foiling their master plan.

Orange NERD Level 1 Fighter
Orange NERD Level 1 Fighter


Orange is a level 1 fighter who is strong(str 16) and hearty(con 15), but not exceptionally charismatic(cha 8).  Orange is equipped with chain mail, shield, longsword, & 2 hand axes.  Orange is a defensive fighter with a second wind made to last through long combat encounters and then capable of recharging quickly.

Orange was raised by common folk, and through great deeds has become their champion. Orange can find a place to hide or rest among other commoners and will shield people from the law or anyone else searching for them.

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At the end of Adventure 3, we have met half of the NERDS adventure party.  Next time we will look at NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 4 – Circus of Illusions.  Happy questing!