NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 4 – Circus of Illusions

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 4 – Circus of Illusions

The fourth adventure in the NERDS Dungeons & Dragons campaign is Circus of Illusions. You can download the adventure using the link below.

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 4 – Circus of Illusions.

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A Circus of Illusions Background

The city of Harmony has many wonderful features, but it’s especially known for one thing: its vibrant color. Recently, however, a strange phenomenon has shaken the citizens of Harmony. In the past few weeks, “color outages” have been reported throughout the city, turning its vibrant streets dull and gray, with very little clue as to what might be causing them. These outages are causing the citizens of Harmony distress and no one’s sure what to do.

This evening, you’re relaxing in your favorite seat in the tavern when a fastidious-looking fellow wearing a suit and horn-rimmed glasses pulls up a chair next to you and looks around nervously before speaking.

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Yellow Bard
NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Yellow Bard

Circus of Illusions features Green, a level 1 Bard with decent quickness(dex 15) and a charming personality(cha 16).  Green is equipped with leather armor, rapier, dagger, & a short bow with 20 arrows.

Green is an entertainer and thrives in front of an audience. Green can always find a place to perform. At such a place, Green receive free lodging and food of a modest or comfortable standard in exchange for a perform each night. In addition, Green’s performance makes increases his fame locally. Strangers that have seen Green’s performances typically have friendly reactions to requests or questions.

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At the end of Adventure 4, we have met 2/3 of the NERDS adventure party.  Next time we will look at NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 5 – The Lost Tomb.  Happy questing!