NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 5 – The Lost Tomb

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 5 – The Lost Tomb

The fifth adventure in the NERDS Dungeons & Dragons campaign is The Lost Tomb. You can download the adventure using the link below.

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 5 – The Lost Tomb.

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The Lost Tomb Background

You are in your study, poring over old books about the magical history of Harmony’s vibrant color, trying to find an explanation for it fading away, when a beautiful butterfly alights on your windowsill. It looks at you with sparkling eyes and says, “Go to the statue of Filomena the Wise.” Then it disappears into twinkling motes of light.

A dapper gentleman in a suit with horn-rimmed glasses is waiting for Purple at the statue. The man motions for Purple to come and sit on a bench. The man is Mr. Honeycutt, the Magister of the Lorekeeper Society. He begs for Purple’s understanding for complete secrecy as he unrolls a spell scroll of silence and casts the spell. Mr. Honeycutt previously imbibed a potion of telepathy, and he then speaks the following in Purple’s head:

Forgive the precautions, but there are always ears about.  My name is Mr. Honeycutt, and I belong to the Lorekeeper
Society. You may not have heard of us, but we have been watching you—and right now, we desperately need your help.

Purple NERD - Level 1 Wizard
Purple NERD – Level 1 Wizard


In The Lost Tomb we meet Purple NERD, a level 1 wizard.  Purple has exceptionally intelligence(int 18), decent quickness(dex 14), and above average health(con 13).  Purple wears no armor and carries only a quarterstaff and a wand.

Purple has been raised to become part of the knowledge god Oghma’s religious order. Purple can receive free
shelter and healing for the entire party. at any Oghma temple.

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At the end of Adventure 5, there is only one NERD adventurer left, but one in which all 6 NERDS will take part!  Next time we will look at NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 7 – Adventure Together.  Happy questing!