DND NERDS Adventure 6 A Web of Lies

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 6 – A Web of Lies

The sixth adventure in the NERDS Dungeons & Dragons campaign is A Web of Lies. You can download the adventure using the link below.

NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 6 – A Web of Lies.

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A Web of Lies Background

The clerics at the Monastery of Inspiration are seeking answers to the color outages taking place across Harmony. Many spend their days reading thick tomes filled with ancient knowledge, while others work with the community to inspire a sense of togetherness.

Today, you are sitting near a fountain pondering the mystery of the color outages when you see a bee floundering in the water about to drown. You remember a saying from your elder at the monastery that all living things, no matter how small or if they cause you fear, are to be spared, as such is the way of the order.

As you go back to pondering what you can do to solve the mystery of the color outages, a small man wearing horn-rimmed glasses approaches you and smiles.

I belong to a secret order that has sworn to protect Harmony. These color outages are being caused by a nefarious force that is still unknown to us, but we need your help to recover an item that will aid us in rooting out the evil. The item is called the Saffron Gem. It’s been lost for some time, but my recent studies have me almost certain of its location. Can you help us recover it?

NERDS Yellow, a level 1 cleric
NERDS Yellow, a level 1 cleric


A Web of Lies introduces Yellow, a level 1 cleric who is wise(wis 16), smart(int 15) and fairly strong(str 14).  Yellow is equipped with scale mail, shield, mace, light crossbow & case with 20 bolts.

Yellow has spent years learning lore, studying scrolls, reading manuscripts, and listening to great thinkers. When Yellow attempts to learn or recall a piece of lore, if Yellow does not know that information, Yellow often knows where and from whom it can be obtained. Usually, this information comes from a library, scriptorium, university, sage or other learned person or creature.

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At the end of Adventure 6, there is only one NERDS adventure left.  Next time we will look at NERDS Dungeons & Dragons Adventure 7 – A Web of Lies.  Happy questing!